Have you dreamed of having your wedding outside, underneath a wedding gazebo decoration? Your dream can be a reality by doing a little homework. There are many options, so be sure and do your research before you commit to anything.

What is proper for a wedding gazebo decoration? Perhaps you can string lights if it is to be an evening wedding. You may opt for lanterns instead. You can string colored lights to match the d├ęcor or stick with plain white lights. You will find vast quantities of styles and types when you are shopping for your gazebo wedding decoration. You can buy or rent a wedding gazebo or choose a reception hall that offers a wedding gazebo with their wedding package. You may decide on a simple gazebo design that has drapes you can tie at the columns, or you can choose a more elaborate gazebo that has sheer drapes all around except for the entrance. Go out and look at the designs and styles that are available. If you are going to buy a wedding gazebo, check Home Depot and other garden stores.

You can decorate the wedding gazebo with crepe paper and decorative white lace hearts. On the floor of the gazebo, you can sprinkle rose petals in red, white, yellow or any color that will match your decorations. You can hang ropes of flowers from the roof or have window-type planting boxes filled with your favorite blooms. If there are railings, you can wrap varied types wedding garland around them. You can use balloons for your gazebo wedding decoration. You can have multi-colored balloons, or stick with one color. You can tie them to railings and they will look lovely bobbing in the wind. You can even use decorative flower tie-ons for a special touch. You may want to put a wedding banner on the entrance of the gazebo.

You can use your imagination when you decide to get married under a wedding gazebo. It can be romantic, it can be fun and informal, or it can be elegant and sophisticated. It is all up to you, and your own individual tastes and the budget you have set.

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