If you've made the decision to use cupcake wedding cakes instead of the traditional layered cake for your wedding, then you've probably already been thinking about trendy, affordable, and easy solutions to your wedding planning.

But like all aspects of your wedding in the planning stages, you have to stay on top of things to make sure your desired choice becomes a splendid reality.Here are some of the steps we recommend when going about choosing and ordering your cupcake wedding cakes:

Ordering Wedding Cupcakes
One of the things that makes cupcake wedding cakes easier than the traditional layered cake is the ordering. With the traditional cake, you have to be sure and order one slice per person, but a slice always depends on who is cutting the cake. Even if the baker and cake service cuts the cake for you (as is common for higher end bakers these days) the success of the order depends on how good they are at estimating size per person. We can't tell you how many weddings we've been to where the first pieces of cake are huge and the later ones are small slivers!
For cupcake wedding cakes, we recommend ordering one cupcake per person, as well as an additional cupcake for every 10 guests. If you have 100 guests, that means you would order 100 cupcakes, plus another 10. This will make sure you have enough to go around, even for a guest or two that doesn't want to stop at one.

Decorating Wedding Cakes
Whether you are going with a traditional wedding cake or cupcake wedding cakes, you want to be sure and be specific about the kind of decorations you want. You can choose something elegant, or something fun, or some really unique. The single greatest reason to use cupcake wedding cakes is the versatility they offer. You can choose just about any design, or even mix and match to create variety or a stunning display.
No matter what you choose, be sure and see a sample of it first, either one made by the baker for you or one from their photos of past work.

Homemade cupcake wedding cakes
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Another reason a lot of us choose to use cupcake wedding cakes instead of the traditional layered cake is cost. Wedding cake prices are going through the roof, with a per slice charge of anywhere from $5 to more than $25 being the industry standards. Cupcake wedding cakes are more affordable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the way they make ordering hassles a thing of the past. One of the other reasons cupcake wedding cakes are a more affordable alternative is that just about anyone can do them!
The first step is to get ideas. To do that, look at pictures or find the right book. This is the easiest part and the most fun. There are a few images online from some of the more creative bakeries out there. Martha Stewart Living put out a cupcake book a few years ago with a fantastic display of cupcakes, especially cupcake wedding cakes. They also have a book just on weddings with fantastic photos. Home and Living magazines are also jumping on the cupcake bandwagon, and most of their spring issues focus on weddings in one way or another.

Then get your supplies and start to test out your skills. Nothing is too hard for a cupcake wedding cake if you just practice a bit. We recommend buying regular supermarket cake mix to start out and for the big day. Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker or any brand will do. If money is an issue, buy what is on sale and keep a look out for coupons. The same goes for frosting. We do recommend buying at least one heavy cupcake pan for your effort. This will make all the difference if you have to make a lot.

Of course, taste is the easy part, The hard part is trying our your decorating skills. Remember to practice well ahead of time and take notes on what works and what doesn't. There are plenty of books and videos out there to tell you how to do the decorating, step-by-step demonstrations on how to make the perfect cupcake wedding cakes.


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