Who says no to a cupcake? Something magical happens when people are offered a cupcake: smile forms, there is a sparkle in their eye, and delight in having an individualized cake. Including cupcakes at a wedding is a trend that is on the rise, but its increasing popularity doesn't make it any less exciting to see.

You can have your cupcake structured to give the illusion of a tiered wedding cake. Cupcake stands come in multiple styles of material and tiers. A shiny silver cupcake stand is a nice glint of metal for a winter wedding or a white ceramic stand could be used for a casual wedding in the garden.

If you want to combine your cupcakes with a traditional cake, talk to your decorator about having one or two of the cake tiers to be made out of cupcakes, alternating a cupcake tier with a cake tier is fabulously modern. Or you could have your cupcakes tinted and designed to make a larger picture. Have all your cupcakes lined on a long rectangular table like a cupcake billboard! These cupcakes can be decorated in any style the way a traditional cake would be and can be filled with cream, raspberry, chocolate, or whatever!
Bakeries that specialize in cupcakes are popping up all over larger cities. These locations make gourmet cupcakes that come in any flavor of cake, carrot, spice, cheesecake, and can be decorated with thick, creamy, delicious butter cream frosting. Cupcakes made to order can be a traditional size, or slightly smaller or larger depending on what you desire.

A cupcake tiered wedding cake will remind your guests of their childhood. They won't be able to resist the memory, so you may want to have some extras made in case people come back for more!


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