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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nautical Wedding Invitations

Nautical wedding invitations appeal to many young girls who anticipate having a beach wedding. Nautical wedding invitations can be formal or informal. Still, even if you plan a relatively informal beach wedding you do not want to use what a sailor might describe as a "fly-by-night" invitation adviser.

A number of online merchants offer nautical wedding invitations. The information on any website can tell a future bride whether she should study the information carefully, or whether she should "give a wide berth" to that particular website.

Even a sailor knows that a bride does not want things to be "touch and go" during her wedding and reception. She wants her invitation to show the thought that she has put into her wedding. When a future bride loves the sea, she has reason to favor a nautical invitation.

So how does a future bride go about finding a reputable source for her nautical wedding invitations? She most certainly can not rely on the general "scuttlebutt." She needs information from a more trustworthy adviser.

Unlike a sailor, a future bride does not use a telescope

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Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Make Your Handmade Wedding Invitations Unique

How to Make Your Handmade Wedding Invitations Unique

Handmade wedding invitations are a great way to ensure that the invitations are as unique as the bride-to-be. If you are like most brides, you want your wedding invitations to be memorable and intriguing. By using a few design techniques, dazzling embellishments, and a bit of creativity, your handmade wedding invitations will be gorgeous! To achieve the personalized look that you want, you could try some of these ideas to make your invitations special:

How to Make Your Handmade Wedding Invitations Unique

How to Make Your Handmade Wedding Invitations Unique

Ravish them with ribbon!
Ribbon can be a fairly inexpensive way to take a plain invitation to new stylistic heights. Handmade wedding invitations can take on so many different looks when ribbon is incorporated. Whether you decide to use a pretty grosgrain ribbon to hold the invitations together or as the opening clasp, or a sparkling sheer ribbon as an accent on the cover, ribbon is sure to give your invitations a stylish look.

How to Make Your Handmade Wedding Invitations Unique

Glam them up with glittery things!
Handmade wedding invitations offer you a chance to flex your creative muscle. For a more daring look, use glitzy embellishments like glitter, sequins, and shiny charms. One possible technique for adding radiance to your invitations calls for a glue pen, stencils, and glitter to create specialized text and designs. Using the stencil as a guide, apply the glue to create your design, and then sprinkle with glitter. Sequins are very fun to work with and can make your invitations quite brilliant. Sequins and charms can be added either individually or clustered with wire or string. While you can create some lovely designs, be mindful of the weight that they can add when it comes to mailing out your invitations.

How to Make Your Handmade Wedding Invitations Unique

Bedazzle them with beads!
Beads are both tactile and engaging additions to handmade wedding invitations. When used with beading wire, beads can turn your flat invite into a three-dimensional work of art. Beads can also be added to ribbon, and be made to dangle from the invitation. Consider exploring those beautiful little Mother of Pearl beads or for a more ethnic or island feel, use cowry shells.

Your invitations will evoke lots of excitement and set the tone for your big day. They will also be a memento for your guests to admire and enjoy for years to come. When it comes to making handmade wedding invitations, the possibilities are endless and with a little imagination, your wedding invitations will look extraordinary!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Benefits Of A Personalized Wedding Invitation

When you are planning the wedding of your dreams, all of the endless decisions that must be made can soon become overwhelming. While there are a number of generally accepted high priority items such as organising the catering, wedding invitations should always be very close to the top of your list.

There are a number of different templates available on the Internet today that make designing and printing your invitations quick and easy. While these templates are convenient and effective, there are a number of benefits of a personalized wedding invitation specific to each guest. Understand the benefits of ordering personalized wedding invitations and make each and every guest feel special and wanted.

Personalized wedding invitations reflect you as a couple. While you and your future spouse are the main focus of the wedding, you must focus on your introduction of unification with your own personal style. While most guests you have invited may be aware of your engagement, those who you are not in contact with often may not even know a date is set for your wedding. By personalizing each wedding invitation, the invited party will feel like they are being informed well in advance and in a very respectable way.

While invitations can be picked out of a line up from invitation manufacturers, it is important to make your invitations unique. You must find an invitation that compliments the style and theme of your wedding but still embodies your personalities and relationship. Personalized wedding invitations can include detailed information about the wedding, a cute excerpt about the couple and even an engagement photograph too.
Wedding invitations set the tone of the entire wedding. If you are having a very formal and sophisticated wedding, try to incorporate the colors of the wedding in your invitations. If your wedding is more casual, you can set a more casual tone in your invitation. When you are creating your content and design remember that originality is the key. Giving your guests an invitation that has never been seen before will make your wedding fresh and exciting. While weddings are primarily designed to unify two individuals, you can still make them original.

When you customize your wedding invitations, you will find out how many styles and designs there are. Choose invitations that are within your price range and are still inviting to each and every guest. Create your own color scheme, and add your guests names to each invitation for personalization.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Best Tips And Ideas For Your Valentine Wedding Theme

February is considered the love month and most brides opt to tie the knot during valentine's day. While love is in the air and romance is all around us, there's no better way to celebrate the most awaited day of your life.The perfect ingredient a couple can add to their wedding is the love that exudes for each other.
There are many ideas you can incorporate to your valentine's wedding, and here are some unique and lovely ideas to have stylish and romantic wedding:

Valentine's wedding flowers -

The red rose is considered the most romantic flower and it symbolizes passion and deep love for the one person who you will marry. Spreading red roses and or petals as part of your decorations on your wedding day is like recreating the valentine's day spirit everywhere! Adding some hues of pink roses on your reception can bring a softer but yet romantic look on your decors.

If your budget doesn't allow you to indulge in roses alone, you can add some of the following flowers:
Pink freesia, which means sweetness, innocence and trust; Peony is best for an intimate wedding reception as it symbolizes peace, beauty and romance; Lisianthus is best fit for a bride who is very romantic and love life, and including this to your valentine wedding means that you are a person who live life but passionately in love.

Valentine's wedding invitations-

To give your guests the best first impression, present them red invitation cards! The warm colors of red right in front of them gives the best impression of a romantic wedding to come! Personalized valentine wedding invites are the best way to express how you really feel. You can also opt for a plain white paper background printed with fine heart designs.

Valentine's wedding dress-

There are wedding gowns available that suits for a valentine wedding. Red wedding gowns are the best choice for this but if you are a bride who is a bit traditional, you can opt for a white gown with some red embellishments. The entourage can wear different shades of red or pink for a softer hue. The groomsmen can pin a red corsage on their suit, and the groom himself can use a red tie.

Valentine's wedding decorations-

a red rose wedding theme is the best choice to incorporate on your wedding reception decors but adding shades of pink and white will create a lighter palette, and liven up the reception area. Spread red and pink rose petals on your wedding aisle. Greet your guests with much love with a heart-shaped place card holder. Scatter some petals over white linen to spread light perfume on the tables. Add chocolates on your guests plates placed in a small red box. You can have an ice sculpted kissing couple displayed at the center of your wedding reception.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Say it With Style - Red Wedding Invitations, Cakes and Flowers

There are memories which last throughout all weddings. The only things more memorable than the dresses are the invitations, cake and flowers. Each of those moments is memorable for a reason.

Invitations are the first look at a wedding's theme and color scheme. A guest has weeks to see the invitations. They sit on their fridge as a reminder of the special day. A red invitation stands out with a bright and bold statement. The color in itself is something that will imprint on the memories of the guests, but the time and care spent making it unique will also make it a keepsake.

Red wedding flowers are a beautiful way of brightening up the reception hall and the ceremony. The vibrancy of red makes it a truly memorable centerpiece. The color isn't the only thing to keep in mind when choosing your flowers. Scent is just as important as color. Red roses have a lovely scent that, when paired with other flowers, can leave a definite impression on the guests. Other beautiful flowers are Dahlia, a very exotic and sophisticated flower, and mums, flowers which are both fun and elegant at the same time.

The moment with the cake is one of the most special times during the wedding. It's a gathering of all the guests around the bride and groom to mark the celebration of their love. A red wedding cake is a centerpiece to be reckoned with on the desert table. Tiers of red cakes or cupcakes look amazing and taste fantastic.

A great way to tie all the beautiful cakes, invitations and flowers is by using the same shades of red and secondary colors and by using the flowers as a theme throughout the decorations, invitations and cakes. If you choose roses, for example, don't only use them in the centerpieces, use them throughout the entire wedding. Pressed, dried, drawn or painted roses are a lovely way to decorate the invitations. The rose theme can also be used as a watermark on the card paper.

The same roses can be used on the cake decorations. They can be in sugar form or butter cream roses placed around the cake. Additionally, for a red fondant cake, there can be scroll work done in white, black or gold, depending on the secondary color.

Remember roses aren't the only flowers that look great in red. There are hundreds of flowers and all of them can be incorporated into the theme. Roses are just much easier to make into sugar decorations on the cake than other flowers.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Styles and Design of Vintage Wedding Invitations

Styles and Design of Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage weddings combine the love of the something old tradition with the glamour and sophistication of times long past. Wedding invitations need to reflect the theme of the wedding. There are certain qualities and designs to look for when choosing vintage wedding invitations.

Vintage themed weddings are warm and elegant, making them desirable. The theme allows the couple and their guests to escape from the modern world and spend a night in another era. Vintage is also often associated with high quality items. Vintage weddings take the most beautiful and unique items from certain eras and breathe new life into them.
The theme of the invitation, and therefore the wedding, is the first thing to consider. When guests receive an invitation, it is a hint of what to expect at the wedding. Therefore, if the wedding has a vintage theme, then the invitation needs to reflect that in style, design, and quality of paper and printing.
Vintage invitations should have a classic vintage look. Paper that is cream coloured, or that has a faded colour design, is a good choice. Ragged edges and antique printing and font will look gorgeous with the backdrop of the wedding theme.

There are many different design inspirations for vintage style invitations. Silhouette stationery is a popular option. The couple's heads are silhouetted on the front of the invitation or save the date with a plus sign silhouette in between them. These can be printed onto faded colour kraft paper.

One of the most simple invitations to choose that is vintage is a classic style with vintage elements. Emblazon the top with a classic monogram style inside a vintage oval. Branches and roses should extend out from the monogram. The wording of the invitation should be classic with an old time block letter font.
The names of the couple should be in elaborate cursive, however. The border of the invitation should be thin lined and mimic the branch and rose style from the monogram. Colour should be a faded shade of red, blue, purple, green, brown, or black. The envelope should be addressed in callipraphy that mirrors the font used for the couple's names.

Styles and Design of Vintage Wedding Invitations
The stationery should feature free flowing calligraphy with these kinds of wedding invitations and save the dates. Make sure the calligraphy is still legible. To add an extra vintage touch, use old-timey stamps instead of the regular wedding stamps.

Styles and Design of Vintage Wedding Invitations

Invitations can also be more in depth. Choose a small, illustrated booklet that is tied with twine and a vintage heart charm. The booklet should use a rough, thick paper. This booklet will beautifully depict all the information about the wedding, along with facts about the couple. This will show guests the attention to detail that will be expected at the wedding.

Styles and Design of Vintage Wedding Invitations

Choosing an invitation with the information engraved in thick cardstock will have a great vintage effect for a big and expensive wedding. In the past, the largest and best parties always sent out engraved invitations. This showed the extra touch of elegance that guest would expect at the parties.

A vintage chalkboard look is also a popular choice. Chalkboards were a common form of advertising in the past. Creating an invitation with a vintage chalkboard font and simple floral designs in a pastel colour would accent a vintage themed wedding nicely.

There are many other designs that create a great, vintage feel. A birdcage design for wedding stationery is a great vintage look. This will show either an empty birdcage or a birdcage with lovebirds in it. The font will mimic that bold typeface from an old manual typewriter for the best vintage feel. Paper should have a faded with age appearance.

Styles and Design of Vintage Wedding Invitations

Other great designs for vintage wedding invitations include a knot and price tag designed. Bunting flags in carnival colours are for a fun, vintage wedding. Elegant weddings can go with a striped look in pink and black for a Paris vintage feel.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How To Do Homemade Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is a busy time. The list of things to do and remember is endless. From organising wedding attire, flowers, transportation, booking the church and venue, as well as booking a photographer and videographer, I could go on. The cost of your special day can easily soar beyond your budget so it is a good idea to try and cut costs where you can without compromising your big day. One of the key places to save money is in the production of wedding invitations. Nowadays many couples opt to create their own wedding invitations. We have put together a list of some useful tips to help you make your own wedding invitations that will stand out from the crowd.

• If you want to create a truly special wedding invitation we recommend you use handmade paper. Handmade paper adds that extra something to any piece and will look truly special. To make the invite, use custom card in a colour that suits the theme of your wedding, cut the handmade paper into a size just smaller than this, perhaps a 2- 3 cm border and stick it on top. To complete add a text layer that you can print off at home and chose your favorite font and text.

• Why not use simple stamps to easily add a bit of life and a lot of personality to your website? Find a stamp that portrays your personality or is relevant to the theme of the wedding and stamp away. When the ink is dry it is a good idea to add some colour to your stamps with the use of coloured pencils. Chose an ink colour for your stamp that is similar if not the same as your font for consistency.

• A great way to produce a simply elegant invitation is with the use of lace. Cut lace slightly larger than your card stock. Spray it with adhesive glue and stick to the card. Trim the edges to ensure it is nice and neat. This is the perfect way to create a classy invitation. For the most classic look, chose monochrome colours, keep it classy.

• If you care to add some colour to your invitation take a trip to your local arts and craft shop to see what scrapbook patterns and designs are up on offer. Using a die- cut is a great way to add colour to a card. To make an invitation print off your text later and back it with coloured card, you can glue your die- cut invitation for a fun and energetic look.

• For a simple way to add style to your invitation add ribbon that matches your colour scheme. Hot glue the ribbon to the card stock and wrap it around to create a clean line, attach a backing layer to ensure that the wrapped ribbon is not visible.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Modern Wedding Invitations - Calla Lily Stationery

Modern wedding invitations are an easy way to incorporate a modern elegance to a wedding. Calla lilies are an especially popular flower to use on modern wedding invitations. Calla lilies are naturally elegant flower that easily lend themselves to weddings because of their simple elegance and strong look. Their traditional color, white, also lends well to the overall theme that many weddings choose to employ. Any bride looking to add a modern touch to her wedding stationary would do well to consider the use of the calla lily on her stationary.

Modern invitations set the theme of the wedding from the moment they are received by the guest. They help to build a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming ceremony. Selecting wedding invitations can be a difficult decision as the theme of the invitation often over into the theme of the wedding. However, brides looking for a modern and elegant wedding can easily incorporate alla lilies into both their wedding stationary and their ceremony and reception.

Calla lilies look stunning in bridal bouquets. By choosing a modern invitation with these flowers, a bride is given the perfect excuse to include this dramatic flower in her wedding bouquet and flowers. Likewise, thank you notes can also be ordered with this beautiful flower printed on them to further tie the event together. Any stationary that the this is found on will be made more beautiful and elegant by the addition of this flower.
There are many different flowers invitations available. This means that there will be no shortage of possibilities when selecting an invitation. It is important to have a varied selection when choosing invitations to ensure that the invitations meet the specific needs of the event. Some events require the use of a pocket invitation to keep various elements together. Other events will simply utilize a singular printed card. Each event will have different and specific invitation needs. The varied selection of modern wedding invitations with calla lilies will make the selection process easier as there will be no shortage of choices.
The calla lily is an excellent choice to select as the theme for a modern wedding and modern wedding invitation. This simple flower will make for a beautiful and modern touch on a variety of wedding invitations. A bride looking for an elegant and modern wedding invitation should take a moment to consider purchasing calla lily invitations.

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