Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations For a Lifetime of Memories

There isn't a person in this world who does not wish to have a romantic honeymoon. This only makes sense since a honeymoon is considered to be the ultimate romantic vacation when newlyweds get to spend there first real time alone together. The problem becomes which destination is the most romantic for the task at hand? The answer will depend on the couple and which location appeals most to them. Many will already know where they want to go, but for those who are still undecided here are some ideas to make your first real vacation together truly romantic.


The first though that crosses most peoples minds is someplace tropical. Moonlit walks on the beach, days spent relaxing in the warm ocean breezes with drinks on hand, candlelight dinners with the gentle sounds of breaking waves in the background, and a whole world of romance at every turn. Tropical honeymoons are hard to beat.

The first tropical place most people consider is Hawaii. You can choose to island hop or just spend your time on one island, enjoying the warm blue ocean waters along miles of beach. The Hawaiian people go out of their way to make each and every honeymoon one to remember.

Bora Bora
For a more exotic romantic honeymoon the islands of the South Pacific such as Fiji or Bora Bora take the romantic experience to a whole other level. These islands will truly make you and your spouse feel like you have these beautiful locations all to yourselves. They are in an out of the way corner of the Pacific Ocean that will make a honeymoon a truly relaxing and wonderful experience.

Cancun Mexico
For those who want to save some money but still want to experience a tropical honeymoon then Mexico is the place to go. For those who want to get away from the crowds of Cancun and Acapulco the Mayan Riviera is the place to go. With a multitude of all inclusive resorts the Riviera is a great way to enjoy tropical beaches without breaking the bank.

Las Vegas
For a more home grown honeymoon there are plenty of romantic places right here in the United States. The advantage of this is obvious; no need for passports and everyone speaks the language.

New York
If the lure of the big city with lots of glitz and glamour is your thing then Las Vegas and New York offer plenty of both. Las Vegas offers year round entertainment opportunities seldom found in other locations. Gambling, an array of different shows that will fit the entertainment needs of just about everyone, and a multitude of large hotels to choose from it is hard to go wrong with a honeymoon in the desert.
New York City offers a wealth of entertainment opportunities as well with Broadway shows and the always exciting Times Square. There is also the opportunity to eat at some of the most famous and romantic restaurants in the world along with world class hotels that are sure to make any honeymoon truly romantic.

For those who are looking for a culturally historic honeymoon then a trip to the old country, Europe, fits the bill. England, France, Spain, Italy all have romantic overtones and surrounding oneself in the history and culture of these countries can make for a truly romantic adventure. There is a language barrier but this can work to the newlyweds favor, giving them a sense of being alone in a strange and exotic land.

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