Friday, October 18, 2013

White Wedding Dresses: A Classic Dress for a Traditional Bride

When people think of wedding dresses, the obvious color that comes to mind is white. People believe that there's a long tradition of brides wearing white wedding dresses, and they are surprised when they find out that this tradition has not been around for that long. It wasn't until 1840 when Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown that it became known as the color for brides. Prior to the Victorian era, brides wore dresses in almost any color, there was no standard.

Although it was not the original intention, white wedding dresses became the symbol of virginity. Women who wore white on their wedding day were believed to be pure and innocent. This was turned into somewhat of a tradition during more conservative periods in our history. As of now, white is still the color that most brides choose to wear on their wedding day, but the meaning that people held on to in the past is no longer accepted.

Most brides still choose to wear white wedding dresses because it's been ingrained in western culture. When a little girl dreams of her wedding day, she doesn't picture wearing any other color dress. White is on all of the bridal magazines and in all the bridal shops. It's what brides have always worn for decades and it will continue to be worn, because that's what the wedding industry dictates.

The appeal of this color is so widespread that it's being adopted by cultures that have their own traditional colors and dress. Brides of other cultures may sometimes choose to wear a white wedding dress for the ceremony itself and then change into a more traditional dress for the celebrations afterwards or the other way around. As more of western culture influences the rest of the world, you will notice that the white wedding dress trend is not going anywhere.

Eggshell Wedding Dress
Off-White Wedding Dress
Not all white wedding dresses look the same. Wedding dresses come in a such a large variety of styles, and also shades of white. The different shades of white include pure white, eggshell, ecru, off-white, dove, ivory and much more. Brides that are worried white will make them look washed out should consider different shades of white. There's a shade that looks great for almost any skin tone. Find a shade of white that does not closely match your own skin tone. For someone who is very pale, go for a shade that has more cream or pink undertones. For a person with darker skin tone, stark white will look lovely.

If you are a bride who is not looking to break with tradition, you are in luck. There is before you almost an unlimited supply of wedding dresses to choose from in the color white. However, more and more brides are finding fun and creative ways to incorporate some color into their look. A colored sash around the waist has become quite popular. Other ways include wearing bold statement jewelry. You can do a number of things to make sure your white wedding dress is anything but boring.

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