Everybody will admit that Rose is the most popular flower in the world. We often find it well arranged with other flowers or maybe stand alone in a vase for various occasions. The things that make it special are not only the numerous colors and petal shapes, but also the fresh fragrant. These facts make it becomes the most favorite for many people in the world to be used in special purposes including for hand tied bouquet. We can have numerous choices for the color and combinations of our hand tied rose bouquet but however, red rose is still become the most favorite choice for wedding bouquet.

For some people who think that red rose is not quite appropriate for a wedding because the color is too aggressive, this statement is not entirely true. It's depends on how you arrange and plan the right combination for your red rose hand tied bouquet. If you know what kind of flowers which will be suitable to be combined with this particular type of flower, or what shape of bouquet you should choose for red rose, you will find it really beautiful and stunning.

There are different types of red roses which actually have different colors too. You need to choose which ones that you want for your hand tied bouquet. You can also consider combining different type of flowers in your hand tied bouquet. If you only want to have red roses for your bouquet, add some green leaves on the surroundings and see how it can give a beautiful accent for your bouquet.

The thing that you should remember in arranging red rose is that you have to pick flowers with same color tone so you can have a matching color bouquet. However, if you are agree with the opinion that red roses are too aggressive for a wedding, you can choose for other flowers, roses or not, in softer color tone. You can use the red roses as the center of your bouquet as the accent of your hand tied bouquet. However, using different flowers forces you to be careful on the arrangement. It is harder to arrange them than using the same flower, but if you know how to design it perfectly, it will be a beautiful hand tied bouquet on your wedding day.

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