Flowers have been one of Earth's many wonderful creations. Naturally beautiful and colourful, flowers have made great gifts since civilisation began. Often presented as bouquets their look and smell brighten up any location they are displayed.

Fruit is also one of Earth's other wonderful creations that not only come in all the colours imaginable but is sweet delicious food we can eat in its natural form. Fruit has frequently appeared in paintings and graphics through the centuries of civilisation. But unlike other foods fruit is normally displayed in its natural, picked from the tree or bush, form.

Fruit trees appear naturally all around the world and climate and soil conditions denote the type of fruit trees that grow in different parts of the world. Now in our modern societies and worldwide transportation systems we can experience the taste of fresh fruits from all corners of the world.

Most major stores now stock every fruit imaginable from every fruit producing country and not just when it is in season but throughout the year. Fruit and vegetables are natures natural foods. Vegetables often look more appetising when cooked but fruit looks best in its natural fresh state.

Fruit given as a gift is normally presented as a bunch of grapes, bag of apples, oranges, etc, or as a basket of fruit. Fresh fruit arrangements as edible bouquets are now appearing as an alternative gift to a basket of fruit or flower bouquets.

Edible bouquets are fresh fruit cut into various shapes and arranged like a bouquet of flowers with some of the fruits covered in white, milk or dark Belgium chocolate. There are as many colours in fruit as there are in flowers and cut fresh fruit gives off an amazing aroma.

Edible fresh fruit bouquets are appealing to adults and children alike. Also an edible bouquet is an ideal gift for both men and women. When an edible bouquet is delivered it has the wow factor as a bouquet of flowers but also has a second wow factor when eaten as part of a celebration or just consumed over a number of days.

Flowers and fruit have a long tradition as gifts. Flowers are always on display at Wedding, but rarely fruit. That was until now as edible bouquets are now appearing as wedding table decorations. Again fruit bouquets as a table decoration give a wow factor and can be eaten during the wedding celebrations or as part of the desert.

Edible fruit arrangements can be presented at Wedding as bouquets, platters, favours, etc. Strawberries are always regarded as a special fruit and now a tower of strawberries covered in chocolate and even decorated as bride and groom can be a centrepiece at a Wedding.

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